Motif for Usage Life Wasted

I made these objects as cheaply and efficiently as possible.  We expect that from the products we consume. 


Yet behind the allure of affordability, there are two entwined fundamentals.


First:  You are wanted to happily consume more.  The problem with more is that greed = desiring more than one needs.


Second:  We unknowingly feed into the producer’s boosted bottom line.   The boundless maximization of volume and margin drives efficiency, as well as unbridled marketing quotas and techniques.  This artificially accelerates consumption and brings us to our current crisis of abundance, rather than a crisis of shortage.


Shortage is what our economic system has evolved to eliminate and our actions have evolved to mindlessly buy and complacently discard.


The convenience of our throw away culture drives the impulsiveness of our purchases.   How much material is wasted in the packaging of the food and electronics you consume?  Do you buy clothes you might not wear, let alone wear out? 


Throw-away society is now the norm, but all norms should be questioned.  The motif in the title of this piece is a question mark.  You should reflect on your purchases so you can question those to come.