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Motif for a Day's Wage

How much can you buy with your day’s wage?  Do you desire to have someone else’s income?  How many avocados could you have bought in January 1930?  How many could you buy last winter?


January 1930 probably makes you think of the Great Depression, but I bring it up because the shipping containers we know today did not exist back then.  Shipping logistics were inefficient with men carrying individual boxes from trucks to trains and ships to trucks.  Drivers would wait for hours to have their trucks unloaded, and seamen would wait weeks at port while their cargo was exchanged.  I witnessed incredible human engineering and logistical efficiency while living near one of the world’s busiest shipping ports.  It is the choreography of globalization made possible by containerization. 


This is why your avocado, mug, scarf, and imported _______ cost a fraction of your day’s wage today rather than the unthinkable cost years ago.   Just because it is affordable and available, should you consume it?


The motif is a modern shipping container.  Think about what you could fit inside of it and question what you should.